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We publish high-quality medical journals, training supplements and handbooks, and digital products for physicians and other healthcare providers working in austere and remote environments. Breakaway Media has established an international reputation for excellence in our core areas of expertise, and we are distinguished by our commitment to featuring the highest-quality authors and content, pursuing topics that meet clearly-defined market and educational needs, and developing innovative print and electronic products.

Graphic Design Services

Our production/graphics and design professionals can either update existing materials or design new products ranging from books, magazine, journals, brochures, catalogs, manuals, pamphlets, or handbooks to diverse visual information. With their proven proficiency in publishing programs such as QuarkXpress and Adobe Creative Suites, they will create your publications and supporting marketing and advertising materials.

Editorial and Print Services

Our staff can provide expert copyediting, fact checking, and copy writing, depending on the needs of each client. In addition, Breakaway Media maintains quality control of the prepress and postpress processes to ensure timely satisfaction and the final product results are in the most professional media possible.

Breakaway Media, LLC

Our Flagship Publication: The Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM)
Because humans are more important than hardware, the Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM) was established by the Command Surgeon’s Office of the Special Operations Command in 2000 as a tool to improve the quality of care by promoting education amongst the Special Operations Forces (SOF) medical personnel that encompass all branches and all ranks. Since that time, the JSOM has become an integral part of SOF medicine and is the preeminent journal for SOF medical personnel. The JSOM’s mission remains the same: to promote the professional development of Special Operations medical personnel by providing a peer-reviewed forum for the examination of the latest advancements in unconventional medicine and to provide worldwide identification and debate of medical issues that are relevant to SOF and Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS ). It is an official forum for professional discourse on global Special Operations medicine. The JSOM transcends the boundary between military and civilian medicine by bringing forth practical and sensible ideas and techniques to the civilian TEMS provider currently operating in a tactical or law enforcement environment. For more about this unique and important publication, please visit the official JSOM website at