Advanced Tactical Paramedic Protocols Handbook (ATP-P) Revised 11th Edition.

The JSOM’s Advanced Tactical Paramedic Protocols (ATP-P) Handbook was implemented by the United States Special Operations Command, Surgeon’s Office in 2007 and is the advanced tactical paramedic’s checklist to emergent medical care protocols. The guidelines contained in this handbook are created, compiled, and reviewed annually by the Curriculum and Examination Board, which consists of a combined group of Special Operations Forces (SOF) physicians, advanced tactical paramedics (ATPs), SOF medical personnel from all of the SOCOM component branches, and civilian medical personnel working to assure that Special Operations personnel have the most highly trained medical care in the field. For quick reference in a lifesaving situation, the pocket-sized ATP-P Handbook contains the USSOCOM Tactical Trauma Protocol; Tactical Emergency Medical Protocol; Canine-TCCC; the Recommended Drug List (RDL), (which covers the side-effects / adverse effects / contraindications / warnings, adult and pediatric dosages, and what protocols they would be relevant to); Burn, Nerve, Military Acute Concussion Evaluation (MACE), and pre-hospital Combat Medic/Corpsman Algorithm (CMA) Charts that are approved for use by the ATP.

Table of Contents

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